Thursday, 14 December 2006


Mornin' all.


zola said...

Give us a thread

BTW : Anticant. I have noticed you slipping of late. Bad spelling and an increased use of "common" vulgar words.

G'day me old mate.

anticant said...

Why should I give you a thread? You and Ginger are stitching me up!

zola said...

You got it!
NOW your vocab improves.

anticant said...

My vocab is very sub-standard today. Am ploughing through that dreary annual chore the Xmas card charade. Not much "rest ye merry" here! [Scratches head] Is great-aunt Agatha still alive? Did the Blobbins send us one last year? What's Celia Bolter's latest boyfriend's address? And so on. And so forth.

zola said...

Sympathy you have Anticant.
Yesterday was the final deadline for UK and Europe post from Finland.
I have to send a couple of New Year cards.
Glad to see you coming out this way.
You are not a Grumpy at all.

anticant said...

I hope I'm not a Grumpy, Zola, but I'm certainly a Tiredy these days. Have just had to flop out completely on the bed for half an hour or so almost incapable of movement. This happens several times a day now. I just wish that billstickers, whoever he or she is, who believes that disease is only in the mind, felt like I do sometimes. Not a very charitable thought at Christmas, I know. But then, BS doesn't believe in charity either.

zola said...

Anticant - Forget Billstickers.
People are enjoying your blog site.
Many people.

No I am not billstickers. In fact if you want to send all that stuff to my site you are welcome. Billstickers enjoys pain, others pain, and even if I am too academic sometimes I can still handle that little prick. He is only a constant diversion. Forget that sticker.

Get back into the real fray as they say.
Do YOUR thing Anticant.
Like it we do.

anticant said...

Don't worry, Zola, I'm not bothered by BS - in fact I find him quite entertaining, now that I've twigged what his game is: "He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases."

As for "getting back into the real fray", frays aren't for me any more at this stage of my life. All I want now is peace and quiet and some congenial people around - which is why I'm enjoying this blogging lark for the time being, thanks to you and the other gentle souls I've met. Not an Awkward Squad at all, really, but I guess we're all pissed off one way and another with the lousy state of the world nowadays.

Now back to the Xmas cards - "once more and once less", as my grandmother used to say.

EnergyVampire. said...

A match made in heaven.
As you know, LavvyBloo works at (virtually) whipping tired boys (mainly High Court Judges etc)into action.
Aha, the benefits of community.
GrumpyOne, you have a tale to tell and that should give you the energy.
Nie pierdol ztym zrob to.
(cleverly managing to escape my own self-imposed 'cousin test' on the basis that only Swagman or Nell will be able to tell you what it means)
OK Basically, don't fuck about - do it.

Anonymous said...

Well said, InkyOne. Simple.

anticant said...

I am not, and never was, a High Court Judge. Otherwise, I might avail myself of lavenderblue's services.

[Peers over half-moon spectacles and enquires "Who is Miss Whiplash?" Titters in court - maybe Vinegartitters, who knows?]

zola said...

Sorry I have missed my early morning fling with "Dunno".
Here it is. ( was tempted to say fuck nose but just stopped myself in time)