Wednesday, 20 December 2006


ben and antianti are busily sprucing up the burrow and making it spick and span in anticipation of an early morning visit from the Imp of Aweland.


zola said...

Like yer new statcounter.
But as the good Pope wrote :-
"morality to mathematics fly"
( or something like that )

Are you going to get more gadgets?

Good Morning me old.

Anonymous said...

Stat counter has been there for ages.
I detect the power of discernment that comes from the morning after a successful works night out.

zola said...

Oh for that possibility of a works outing.
In a Chara?

Merkin said...

When I first went to Poland it was as part of a project.
My thesis was 'The Legal and Economic Implications of Pollution in the Baltic.'
So, 'Chara' has a specific meaning for me. Which meaning for you?.

zola said...

Well Merk : My meaning was something like a coach trip. A workers outing on the bus.
One time on one of my visits to UK I found myself invited to join just such a bus trip.
It ended with the police.
An elderly gentleman drank more than usual and ended up climbing up a building to get the football that was lost.
Along came the police.
Damned informers I say.

Anonymous said...

Aha, charabanc gives a sense of something from a well byegone era.
Last coach trip I took was back from a Summer school when I managed to commit some major atrocities.
The students (being almost off the leash) were determined to destroy the teacher and the teacher was in 'bring it on, I'm fae Glasgow, mood'. Honours were evenly in my favour till we arrived back at the school.
Parents waiting to pick up their offspring and glad that they have arrived home safely.
The first few got off the bus safely, the next lot were literally flattened by me as I fell off the bus. I then, being in a state of some desperation, proceeded to piss against one of coach wheels.
Still the students, at least, loved it and the following courses sold out immediately.

anticant said...

No pissing against the burrow walls. By Order.

Anonymous said...

All Water Passed By The Management.

zola said...

Good morning Anticant hope you are not so groucy today.
BTW : It will soon be afternoon.
Have you slept in again?
I just Dunno.