Wednesday, 13 December 2006



Owing to growing bemusement as to the existence/non-existence of a self-styled disembodied cyber-entity divorced from any real-life persona calling itself “billstickers”, Awkward Squadders and comment posters are invited to submit their suggestions as to the likely characteristics of whoever – if anyone – mr stickers [hereinafter referred to as BS] resembles.

The following rules must be observed:

1. Not more than five conjectures may be offered by each contestant, however many different names they post under.

2. Conjectures must be reality-based – that is, they must derive from qualities discerned in BS’s own postings and interchanges.

3. Conjectures may be backed up with not more than two reasons each.

4. Posters – including BS – may comment on, add supporting evidence for, or dispute, others’ conjectures.

5. Conjectures and discussions arising from them must be good-tempered and observant of the festive spirit. Past grudges must be put aside. Personal attacks and insults will be deleted – unless VERY witty!

6. The winning conjecture will be determined by majority vote.

  1. In the event of a tie, Judge anticant’s casting vote will be final.
  2. The quiz will remain open until midnight on Sunday, 17th December.
  3. The prize will be a pledge of £10 by Judge anticant to Angela’s jump.

If the above is not as clear as mud, too bad!


notanticant said...

I think BS could be:

NOBODADDY [with apologies to William Blake]- because he is the Voice of Faith;

MRS. MARY BAKER EDDY - because he doesn't believe illness exists outside the mind;

PATRICIA HEWITT - because he is endeavouring to abolish the treatment of illness, and is terribly Nannyish at times;

A RUSSIAN CHESS GRAND MASTER - because he is always anticipating and checkmating his opponent's game;

A BOOJUM - see Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark".

Anonymous said...

Too many big words for me - even though I am a legal eagle, too.
Especially at this time of the day.
Or not, as the case may be.
Woolwich by name, Southwark by nature.

anticant said...

Oh well, then just guess. Dirty Bishop? Pike Bishop? Vinegartits? Pretty Polly Toynbee? Mad Maddie Bunting? Gingerwaster? Lurkin Merkin?

Hey, I must stop this - I'm the JUDGE, dammit.

gingerwaster said...

Hmmm anticant - regarding the blog format, a couple of suggestions - separate tha "Ah dunno" column from the other articles by changing the presentaion format.

Also, maybe list the subjects up for debate in another column, with only three lines each, which you can then click into, so people get an overview of the contents of the site when they hit the home page - you have to scroll too far down right now.

As for Billstickers - took a google, but he only appears on your friend's blogs and on Comment is Free, but here's a funny pic for you :

You should put it on the homepage...

anticant said...

Ginger, that comment should have been put in the "Ah Dunno" slot!

My response is "Ah dunno - I'm a technical dummy, have limited energy, and got other things to do than tinkering around with fancypanting I don't really understand. Maybe I'll get around to some of that sometime - maybe not."

YellowDuck said...

Clear as crystal: Thomas Pynchon.

anticant said...

Pynchon is a closed book to me, and I fear will remain so for reasons of sheer time and energy. I have a great friend who proposes to devote the festive season to ploughing through all 1100-odd pages of the latest Pynchon epic and I wish him well.....

YellowDuck said...

As obtuse as where Bill is coming from.

Also reportedly living the life of a hermit somewhere in Mexico.

I rest my case.

I did manage 52 pages of Gravity's Rainbow one rainy Sunday afternoon many years ago.

anticant said...

My friend is a glutton for punishment.