Friday, 15 December 2006


So Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, Chief Spook of MI5, is bowing out in the New Year, doubtless with all outstanding problems resolved, and heading for pastures new.

Go, Dame Eliza,
Leaving us none the wiser
If the mind of a Manningham-Buller
Is quite empty or just a bit fuller.
Maybe [to help a weak rhyme]
You’ll become a real dame in pantomime,
Don ermine, and tread the boards
In Blair’s puppet House of Lords.

[With apologies to Private Eye’s E. J. Thribb]


Anonymous said...

I prefer Judi Dench as M.
(Not a lot, just slightly more).

zola said...

Are we talking here, Anticant, of that Hunchback of the Dame with those friggin bells in me ears all the time?
BTW nowt agin unchbacks per se.

Anonymous said...

Not a real hunchback, surely.
More a Quasi Model.

zola said...

Was that Modem?