Wednesday, 28 February 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - 28th February

the burrow beadle reports:

On making my accustomed early morning round of the burrow premises, I espied a canoe being hurriedly paddled upstream by a heavily muffled figure. On proceeding through the grounds I perceived that a large pair of dappled reindeer-hide knickers, bearing the emblem "Z", had been hoisted atop the burrow flagpole. I duly lowered these, and they will constitute "exhibit Z" when the matter comes before the burrow court later today. I am proceeding with my enquiries to identify the perpetrator of this impertinence, and as a preliminary step I have applied to the Lappland authorities for a visa in order to visit Santa's stable and check that no reindeer are missing. I shall report on the progress of my investigations in due course.


zola said...

Does the criminal ever revisit the scene of the crime?
But Zola has always been an exception to any rule.
Not guilty me lud
spent the night with LavenderBlue.

Anonymous said...

Zola owns 12 pairs of exotic knickers which could be similar to the ones that pickles this beadle so much.
It will need to be stated which month is registered on the inside label. Zola has one pair of each month of the year.

From legal Aids

lavenderblue said...

Be thankful that ZoZo did not leave me up the pole, as that was his original intention.........