Monday, 19 March 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - 19th March

Emmett writes [on 'The Arena is Open' Thread]:

ANTICANT, Lavender Blue & all the rest of the Intelligent Bad Element, Gudday! Another grey & raw sort of late-March afternoon, 'ere, I must say. As to chappies misbehaving in the parlour, I've found that an offer of seven or a dozen, w/the ratwhisk, usually sharpens people up, eh?
Here's /my/ latest whinge, about selling 'on-line', which I do -- books, mainly:

I Shall sort out that /suomilainen/ M Zola shortly but, now, have to bugger off & tend to them icelandic ponies, Huldy & Ragna, plus the punch horse, Mr Gamgee -- they are just now wagging their heads at me over the paddock-fence and wanting the hay and oats what I promised earlier on, when we was skidding a fall of ash-trunks in my farm-grove.

ALL The best,

B Wook in the Mire


anticant said...

EMMETT has left a new comment on your post "THE ARENA IS OPEN!":

[Afterthought] It occurs I should explain I'm more-or-less a Stanley Baldwin old (!) Tory & I'd not blame you, therefore, if you was thusly to send me to the rightabouts!


ANTICANT responds: That's no bother, Mr Wook. We're a politically eclectic lot in the burrow, as is the Awkward Squad generally.

You may not know that the AS grew out of dissatisfaction with the 'Politically Correct' censorship on the Guardian's mis-named 'Comment is Free' site.

I like to think of the AS and friends as an assortment of friendly independent-minded seekers after truth [whatever THAT is!].

BTW, I remember, as a Cambridge undegraduate, seeing Lord Baldwin [as he was then] glumly procesing to the Senate House in his role as Chancellor of the University. The poor old boy was deeply unpopular during and after the war, as he was wrongly blamed for failure to re-arm in the 1930s. His mistake was to pay more attention to the amours of the foolish Edward VIII than to the more serious antics of Hitler.

lavenderblue said...

Wonderful to see you here......
Caught up with you some time ago on your site, but you were not around.
What a treat!
And how is the Calico Cat ?