Wednesday, 7 March 2007


Zola writes a thoughtful post about one of the “greats” of humanistic therapy - and then tells himself to shut up because he’s effed up the day. Why? One of the most endearing characteristics of our inimitable Zola is his propensity to duck and weave between being engagingly serious and delightfully whimsical. He has no need to worry that he bores us by being too solemn, which he never is: all his more ruminative, toughly argued posts are as pleasing as his wonderful flights of fancy and his lovely excursions into poetry and poetic prose.

The beauty of Zola’s always delicately artistic site is that one never knows what one will find there next. His offerings vary, of course, with his daily mood, as everyone’s do. But – at least so far as the burrow is concerned - he is mistaken if he ever feels he has struck a false note. Everything he writes is redolent of a unique personality who bestows refreshing gifts of wisdom and imagination on us all whenever he touches his keyboard.

anticant, ben and the beadle have unanimously elected Zola as an honorary member of the burrow, and presented him with his own silver tankard which is permanently sitting on the Snug bar ready to be topped up with his favourite tipple on the house whenever he drops in.

Long live Zola!

By Order


trousers said...

Excellent! I second that, for what its worth.

I'm still a regular visitor to Zola's (although I haven't commented much in recent weeks) and delight in his scattershot additions to many other threads. His post on Carl Rogers, with its comic if unneccesary denouement, reminds me of the statement of intent of a fellow student whilst at art college: three paragraphs of serious, well reasoned discourse, followed by "Most of the time, anyway". Still has me in stitches.

lavenderblue said...

Me too,trousers!
Long live Anticant and ZoZo.