Tuesday, 10 April 2007


ben trovato says:

A bothersome day at the burrow! The friendly - and evidently feeble - fox who took up his or her abode by the burrow front door last week died on Good Friday. Far from being resurrected, it remains there stolidly dead - and so far little progress has been made in arranging for its decent disposal. The Beadle is on leave, and anticant would not in any event wish to bury it in the grounds. The local council - despite having hugely hiked up its already exorbitant local tax - refuses to enter the burrow precincts to take the corpse away, although they would, apparently, remove it if it were lying on the public highway. Such are the idiocies of buraucracy!

Try the RSPCA, the council helpfully suggested. When I rang them, the RSPCA not unreasonably pointed out that their remit is to prevent cruelty to living animals, not to act as undertakers to dead ones. So back to the council, who this time advised me to look up 'Animal carcases' in the Yellow Pages directory. Needless to say, no such category exists.

As a last resort, I rang the burrow's ever helpful Italian gardener, Paolo, who immediately volunteered to call round this afternoon and remove reynard - if only into the gutter. We currently await his arival, and will report later on developments. If it doesn't go today, anticant - as well as the fox - will be kicking up a real stink.

Alleluyah! Paolo has just dropped by and removed the body - a handsome looking beast it was. too. So all's well. anticant is relaxing with a glass of his favourite dry madeira........


Emmett said...

I Say, why not bury Mr Fox to home?
My Grandpa always did his work-horses: "A horse should be buried where it worked." And so I suppose had ought equally to be a fox, where it /predated/.

ANYHOW, Here is the 'link' to /my/ latest attempt at wit -- I suspect the much of it ain't that funny; and, I should appreciate any remarks:


BEST Regards,

Wook in the Snow Flurries (!)

lavenderblue said...

Oh how sad..........poor thing.
And how typical of the bloody council.

zola said...

How does Fox taste?
I like Elk meat.

Anna MR said...

Elk are horrible, elk are scary. Elk should be eaten in bulk by all who eat elkish things.

Eat! Rid the world of Elk, Zola. Eat for me, child, and I shall thank you.

*Anna does not care for elk, living or cooked*