Saturday, 21 April 2007


ben trovato says:

The minister was preaching on the evils of drink.

First he said how he would like to gather up all the wine and dump it in the river.

Then he moved on to beer and said he would like to get all the beer and dump it in the river too; and then all other forms of alcohol to be dumped into the river.

Behind him the choir-master's face began to show a worried look as they all stood up to sing the first hymn: "Shall We Gather At The River?"


zola a social thing said...

Tell me Anticant ( and be truthful here please) : We suspect that you have been lurkin around Sunday meetings dressed in black with a bit of red here and there.

Just imagine Anticant in a bonnet.
Salvation songs
For bloggers.

anticant said...

I thought you were beyond salvation, Zola.

lavenderblue said...

I do hope we are all beyond salvation.
I dress in black with a bit of red here and there............

Emmett said...

HERE Is a 'link' that should provide some amusing insights, into american religious blasphemy, in the farmer-invective of southern Minnesota, fifty years ago -- shall we? gather at the river of 'Old Uncle Crow's' inexhaustible smut-archives:

Merkin said...
Hi Anti, have changed the settings and would be delighted if you were to break in my virginity. Oooooooh

zola a social thing said...

Give us another one do.

anticant said...

Not even the Beadle has ever suggested that Zola is an anti-social thing. Doth the Zola protest too much?