Friday, 20 April 2007


I'm touched by the appreciation so many of you have shown for the little memoir of my Father. I wrote it quite quickly, and didn't think it was as vivid a portrait of him as I would have liked to have drawn, so I am pleased that it sparked off so many good, if some painful, filial recollections for others.

Remembering one’s loved ones – particularly the older generation – is always poignant. So much regret at loss, unpaid emotional debts, and missed opportunities, wells up. But we shouldn’t allow guilt, or feelings of failure, to predominate: life is never easy or simple; it is what it is; and we just have to accept that it happened the way it did, and strive to apply its lessons to our own lives and present and future relationships.

My immediate family – parents, grandmother and aunt – are always with me every day, and I am profoundly thankful for all the love and care they gave me. I still miss them a lot. Today – 20th April – is another special family day, being my Grandfather’s birthday and my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding anniversary [1926 and 1896 respectively]. So I’m again in retrospective mood………..


zola a social thing said...

Thank YOU Anticant.

But let this not fool you into thinking that I shall stop calling you an old farty-arty darty party just waiting in the wings.

Anticant is a "Sentimental Journey".

trousers said...

It may have served to have more impact, the fact that you wrote it quickly anticant - hence it was comparatively unfettered and raw (those two words don't sit quite right but you know what I mean). Long may your moments of retrospection be so productive!

Trust Zola to break the spell of poignancy and wistfulness - but that's why we like him...

yellowduck said...

Your meditations are inspirational. Thank you, anticant.

I hope you have had a good day, remembering and perhaps also celebrating the memories a little.

Best wishes from Leipzig,


anticant said...

Thanks again, everyone. I shall have to delve deeper into the patchwork memory bag.

I am content to be a silly old twit so long as Zola is around in his role of the burrow's clever old wit, keeping the Beadle on his toes and giving Ben's pulling arm RSI from constantly topping up the Zola Snug silver tankard.

As for my day, see next post.