Saturday, 6 October 2007


Today I’ve been on this planet for eight decades. Survival is worth celebrating, I suppose, and a couple of years ago I didn’t think I would last this long. But I’d rather be 40 than 80, and I don’t expect to reach 90. So the question is: how best to spend the relatively brief remainder of my life?

Eric Berne, the wise ‘father’ of Transactional Analysis, once said that the most important problem every human being has is how to pass the time between being born and dying. In the wicked world we are living in, far too many people don’t have much choice in the matter, and the majority of those who can choose make what to my mind are some pretty rotten choices.

One choice I am making on this birthday is to spend less time in future on the supposedly serious blogosphere. I’m getting increasingly fed up with the ceaseless outpourings of anger, intolerance, and irrational opinion which clutter up so much blogging, and in particular the inability – or unwillingness – to follow a line of discussion through without veering off into irrelevant and intemperate rants and slanging matches. We are living through a self-tormented period when what Jung called the ‘dark shadow’ seems to have taken over the bulk of humankind, who purblindly see nothing but good in themselves and project all badness onto the supposedly demonic ‘other’.

With such almost universally one-sided views being peddled from conflicting standpoints, and so little inclination to compromise, I’ve almost given up hope of finding much constructive thinking or sensible answers on the internet [or anywhere else] to the increasingly menacing self-made plight of humanity, and reluctantly conclude that as the lunatics and thugs are well on the way to taking over the global asylum, there’s not much point in bashing my feeble brains around serious issues in the few short years I may have left to me.

Anyway, I’ve said most of what I want to say in previous posts, so anyone interested in my views can browse the Arena archive. No doubt I’ll be popping up every now and again in Anticant's Arena, but mostly I shall indulge in sheer escapism by frolicking in my Burrow, which I increasingly find a much more congenial place than the real world.


Emmett said...

AND Many Happy Returns!

AS To the tedium of much of the blogging, I now how you feel, my friend; I came to it all late and, doubtless, shall leave off early -- but, as long as there's a cheap snook to be cocked here or there, I expect I'll keep at it. Time allowing, one of these days I may get around to reading some of the other lads, too....

ANYHOW, Happy Birthday to YOU, Aunty, Best Love Always & Always, Wookley

the periodic englishman said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday).

Agreed. One-sided views are painfully depressing and dull. Although, just to show that I'm not being one-sided in my viewpoint, I should also point out that one-sided views are wonderfully uplifting and exciting, too. Phew.

But yes, anyway. I share your gnawing sense of disaffection. I've all but given up on the "political" blogs, for example, because I wasn't entirely sure why I was expected to be impressed by schlong-waving and one-dimensional thinking. It all began to seem a bit petty and lame, really. Plus, I abhor discussions that contain even the slightest element of personal insult.

If someone is unable to resist the temptation to insult those who visit their blogs to disagree with them, or if a visitor is unable to contain their bile, then it seems unreasonable to expect that these people are capable of applying any real discipline to their thinking. It becomes all about "making a point" - whatever the cost, whatever the method. And that's really, really unimpressive. (Terrific fun to parody and make fun of, though. Oops.)

You're right, the lunatics are coming and the asylum door is not only unlocked, but wide open. The mouth-breathing hordes are pouring through. It's hopeless, Anticant, bitterly so, and you would be well advised to spend your remaining time avoiding such thoughts at all costs, difficult as that may prove to achieve.

Anyway, sorry for going on.

Kind regards from Ireland,


trousers said...

I somehow missed this yesterday. Well, better late than never, many happy returns! I hope you had a glass or two.

Very good words in your post and while my first instinct might be to say what a shame it is that you're giving the arena a rest, then I have to say I can't argue with your reasons. So, fair enough, absolutely.

I look forward to the continuing congeniality here in the burrow.

Merkin said...

Happy Birthday, big man.

Anna MR said...

Belated birthday greetings from me, too, Anticant. Keep on keeping on...

Hugs from the Northern Lands


WomanHonorThyself said...

happy birthday young man!..:)

Ms Melancholy said...

Very belated greetings from sunny Yorkshire, anticant xxx

zola a social thing said...

Happy birthday Anticant.