Wednesday, 31 October 2007



Today is LAVENDERBLUE’s birthday, and I’ve been honoured to give her a bouquet with love from all of us at the Burrow.

During our West Country travels, I learned quite a lot about the artistic temperament! Our LAVENDER has oodles of that, besides an abundance of flair and talent, as her lovely paintings attest.

These qualities were the gifts of a good fairy, or ghost, who kissed her at her birth in a Scottish castle. So when LAVENDER’s sun shines one basks warmly in its golden glow, but when the lightning strikes and the thunder booms you’d best take shelter from the storm, which is usually brief -- so thank goodness my skin, like my fur coat, is nice and thick!

Oh, yes, it’s a dog’s life, but with LAVENDERBLUE there’s always a sketch book at the ready, a meaty bone, a string of pearls, a swig of brandy, a comforting pat, and at the end of it all a hearty chuckle and another beautiful picture.

So Many Many Happy Returns, dear Ms LB, and lots of love from me and all of us at ANTICANT’s. Woof, Woof!


trousers said...

Already belatedly, by the looks of it, but Many Happy Returns from me too! Hope you had/ have a damn good time whatever you did or do!

zola a social thing said...

Are you talking now to Anticant or LB? Have they been at it again and intertwin(n)ing-ing-agin?

May I say to the LavenderB, the one and only LB -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LB.

Sent you a new pair of knickers in the post. Hope you got them ok.

The Burrow Beadle said...

Yes! They've arrived and will fly proudly from atop the Burrow flagpole all day before being presented to Ms. LavenderBlue at her evening party in the Snug.

ben trovato said...

To which all LB's friends are cordially invited - drinks on the house.

dame barbara de carteblanche said...

And I shall be giving a reading from my latest bosom-heaving epic - "Sweet Lavender, Fragrant as the Morning Dew".

snoopy scribbler said...

Pure as the driven slush?

dame barbara de carteblanche said...

There are no soiled doves in my oeuvres!

zola a social thing said...

Ello again Antiprank.
How are you today.
Not grumpy I hope.
Clearly not.

anticant said...

Well, Zola, with my impending colonoscopy this afternoon, I am at the moment more runny than grumpy, so LavvyBlue's opportune birthday is a godsend to help me keep my spirits up with the zany prattlings of the Burrow gang.

mrs malaprop said...

When you get back from hospital, Anticant dear, I will tuck you up cosily in bed and give you a lovely bowl of hot soup so that you can rest for an hour or so before we all gather together in the Snug to drink LavenderBlue's health and happiness in the year ahead.

lavenderblue said...

OH !!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you ........the bouquet just arrived.I thought your words were present enough..the flowers are lovely,lovely,lovely
and you have made me so Happy !

And thank you to trousers and to ZoZobear and all in the burrow....
a big thank you.
You have all of you made me so happy xx

Anticant, thinking of you and your horrid hospital thingy xx

lavenderblue said...

A Very Very Special Thank You to Wooffie..without whom I would indeed have fallen by the wayside.and even the

Emmett said...

LB, Many Happy Returns!

AND, Mrs M, /before/ trying Aunty with your soup, may I suggest a tablespoon (or three!) of olive oil, to be taken over an hour or so as the anodynes wear off -- that's always a great help to me, before putting the (dis!)assembly line back in action!

s/Wook, CC[/retd/] & FRCS [/re-treaded!/]

lavenderblue said...

Why, thank you,Wookie woos !
I am quite partial to be rubbed all over with oil........

Emmett said...

"They used to call that Smith-SOB 'the Oily Boy!'"

{Judson Andersen, Minnesota farmer, 88-yrs-old)

anticant said...

LavenderBlue’s presents:

A hug from Anticant

A kiss from Ben Trovato

Flowers and a barrel of brandy [dog size] from Wooffie

Knickers from Zola

An all-over oil body rub from Oily Boy Wook

A new set of paint brushes from Mrs Malaprop and the Beadle

Signed copies of the Collected Works of the Queen of Romance [963 vols.] from Dame Barbara de Carteblanche

A crystal Siamese cat from Miss Marple

zola a social thing said...

AND : Many happy returns.
That was from Trousers.
Something suspicious about that code methinks.

dame barbara de carteblanche said...

A slight but important correction! "The Collected Works - SO FAR". I am still busily at it, thanks to the stimulating Burrow hospitality of Anticant and his staff.

Another three large pink gins if you please, Ben.

zola a social thing said...

Anticant is jealous of trousers?
Why this denial of Trousers?

Could it be that Trousers follows the absurd cctv trend of all those must be and will be verifiable-others?


Anticant got spanked that way once. But Trousers gets no hassle at all.

zola a social thing said...

Dame Babs : " The stimulating Burrow hospitility and his staff " are the words that reveal the wicked deeds.

Anticant your staff has been active it seems even when you deny it all.

Long live the satisfaction of Dame Babs through the Anticant Stafficus Erecticus and other unmentionables.

the ugly duchess said...

Stirring up trouble again, Zola?

"He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases."

Anticant is NOT jealous of Trousers.

But what are these "returns" of which there are many happies?

Returns are usually empty bottles or unwanted merchandise.

Perhaps Trousers will explain?

lavenderblue said...

And thank you to all at the Burrow,especially Anticant for giving me such a perfect day xxx