Thursday, 18 October 2007


The welcome return of our errant Naked Kayaker has brought great relief to his Burrow friends, who were becoming quite sick with worry over his unaccustomed silence.

Why he went offline for so long is his own private business, and it isn't for us to pry. But knowing that Zola, Anticant, and some of our other regular blogging friends suffer from ongoing health problems, we in the Burrow would like to suggest that when any of us intend to stop blogging for a while we should post a note to this effect on our own blogs so that our friends won't be having nightmare scenarios about our being at - or through - death's door.

Welcome back to the Snug, Zola! Ben is serving fee drinks all round, Mrs Malaprop has donned a brand new pair of woollen stockings, and the Beadle has promised to turn a blind eye to a little discreet knicker waving. Dame Barbara has embarked upon a new epic, Paddlers' Paradise, involving intrepid canooing and canoodling in the Arctic, polar bears, virgins marooned on ice-floes, etc. etc. Order your discount advance copy NOW!


zola a social thing said...

Frank Goodman, from Nottingham, once wrote that kayaking was a "Special Kind Of Freedom".

Shame that kayaks are a health hazard today in some places.

anticant said...

Almost EVERYTHING is a health and safety hazard in the UK these days, thanks to NuLab's control freaks. See the splendid Ken Frost's "Nanny Knows Best" blog [link via Anticant's Arena] for almost daily ludicrous examples. Even the police officers who killed the Brazilian plumber on the tube, wrongly believing him to be a terrorist, are being prosecuted for a breach of the health and safety regulations!

Merkin said...

'...Brazilian plumber on the tube, wrongly believing him to be a terrorist,...'
He was not a plumber and was not a terrorist.
The police have admitted knowung at an early stage that he was not a terrorist.
For some excellent information on this I recommend the StefBlog.
If you follow the links you will see how the Met set out to pervert the course of justice by doctoring the composite phot of the two - so that JCdM looked more like Osman.

Heads should roll, but they won't.

anticant said...

We're getting much too serious for the Burrow! Maybe we should move this over to the Arena, but there's a pretty full programme of developing action there at the mo'.

zola a social thing said...

Any virgins in that "Arena" of yours?

ben trovato said...

No. They've all been eaten by the lions.

The Burrow Beadle said...

No virgin-hungry lions or Zolas in the Burrow.

By Order

zola a social thing said...


Anonymous said...


zola a social thing said...

Who is going to moppy up the sloppy of the turd way?
Mr Brown?
What is to be done?