Wednesday, 17 October 2007


It now seems that Pimpernel Zola has been hobnobbing - or nob-hopping - with two fat ladies, and is well oiled. [See his site.]

This tall tale reminds Ben of the following recent gleaning from the ether:

"A drunk is staggering down the road when two nuns are walking in the opposite direction.

As the nuns approach him they wonder which way to walk to avoid him as he staggers. The road is busy so they can't walk off the pavement, so they decide to separate, with one going each side of him.

As they pass the drunk he stops. Then after a moment he turns around, stares at the nuns, and says:

"How the f__k did she do that?"


Boldscot said...

Rumours of his demise are obviously greatly exaggerated.

trousers said...

Damn - you took the wind out of your sails - I just read this over at zolas, c/o the very same mr trovato.

A good one all the same. Do you have them all stored on a hard drive?

ben trovato said...

No - they are dredged up from the internet by Anticant's better half during his daily web browsings.

zola a social thing said...

Capitalism has "worked" against all memory has it not?

pela68 said...


Or as they say: