Friday, 7 December 2007


Ben Trovato writes:

The denizens of the Burrow are suffering from pre-festive seasonal stress. Mrs Malaprop and the Beadle have had a quiet wedding, and slipped away to an undisclosed destination for a Christmas honeymoon. Dame Barbara and Anticant have pottered off to Anticant's Hollow Thermal Spa to wallow in mud baths and imbibe festive fare. I am staying behind with Wooffie to keep an eye on things and enjoy a quiet Christmas in the Snug.

Normal service may or may not be resumed in the New Year. Meanwhile, have a great Yuletide, everyone.


zola a social thing said...

Happy Xmas Anticant.

lavenderblue said...

and have you hung up your Stockings ?

Richard W. Symonds said...

A very merry Christmas to you all

lavenderblue said...

And to you too,Richard ! xx

trousers said...

Merry Christmas to everyone from me too.

Merkin said...

The market, big man.

the curvedchef said...

Merry Xmas to the market.
To Murdoch and the WSJ.con
To Doris Lessing
To Otis Redding
To the poor missing canoeist
Dig it, dig it
And to all the Onion Eaters.

Emmett said...

Happy Christmas to you all, and to all a VERY Good New Year!

s/Grandpa Wook

PS: We had the grandsons Nation, six, and Hugo, four and chatty, down here to Easton at the week-end, for the village Xmas Party in 'The Club', our sit-down dining boozer -- and, a gorgeous row at the saloon-bar broke out at 11.30 in the morning, between Rose and Harley, our retired and badly-sodden banker's lady and her equally-wet old buck husband:

"YOU Black-eyed -----!"

"YOU Egg-sucking OLD --- -- - -----!"

"GOD ---- you...!"

"OH, Go ---- up a rope...!"

ALL Vernacular and highly in keeping with the true sentiments of the season. The kids all grinned and pointed and agreed it was better to see than Santa Claus, who landed an hour later in a helicopter, or this year's dreadful gaudy holiday film, /Fred Claus/!

oddypodygratius said...

And happy Christmas to Freddie Frinton ( same procedre as last year kind of guy).
Happy Christmas to Friends and the bends.
Which reminds me agin of LavenderBlue and I will not say Sorry.
Wonderful experience in the arty party studio.

Emmett said...

AND Which reminds ME of the type who popped in on the pharmacist (this was in the days before pre-made cotton ear-swabs) and demanded:

'SEE Hear, my good man, do you got cotton balls?'

TO Which perceived sauce the pillman replied :

'GET The Hell out of you take me for a teddy bear!'

WHEREAT Our bloke says:

'OH, Balls to the cotton! How about moth balls?'

THE Pillman averred yes, he had those, and our bloke then cracks wise:

"HOW Ever do you get their little feet apart?'

Anonymous said...

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Emmett said...

HAPPY Christmas & A Good New Year To You All, from Farmer Wook & The Critters at Wook's Mosquito & Blizzard Plantation, in the Hammerhead Road, Harebrain Town, Old Squawbunion County, Southern Minnesota & Greater Ioway!

lavenderblue said...

And from me too !
A VERY Happy Christmas and here is to us all for the New Year xxx

Anonymous said...

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lavenderblue said...

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year
to you,Anticant, and to all in the welcoming Burrow.xx

trousers said...

I second lav's new yeat wishes to you anticant: best wishes from me for 2008.

Emmett said...

A Good New Year to you all, from over here in Wook's Farm in the Hammerhead Road! It's colder than Hell, around three above (fahrenheit), and that Old Man Sun has TWO fires, one on each side, to keep warm, as the Ojibwe people up North say (what us honkies call "sundogs" over here.)