Monday, 14 January 2008



New Year 2008 has not kicked off well in the Burrow. After a quiet Christmas - Anticant overcooked the turkey, of course, in my absence - and just one small neighbourhood gathering in the Snug, Ben Trovato succumbed to a nasty cold germ on New Year's Eve and though Anticant resolutely ignored it for as long as possible, he too is now sneezing, sniffling and coughing fit to scare off the foxes, squirrels, and birds who visit the garden. Even Wooffie has been sneezing.

The Beadle and I had to return hastily from our secret honeymoon location to nurse the sorry pair, and we are now busily engaged in keeping the home fires burning. Dame Barbara - thank goodness - elected to stay away until the Burrow is declared a Safe Zone, when she will doubtless return post-haste her head swimming in pink gin and teeming with new plots of chaste romance.

Meanwhile, Anticant and Ben wish all Snug regulars, and new friends, a Happy, Prosperous, and above all Healthy New Year and look forward to your company - even Zola's, if he can tear himself away from that lusty female production line he's waxing so lyrical about.


zola a social thing said...

Yeehah my little ditties and tings concerning the ladies on heat has turned our old Grumpy Pants on agin.
About time too methinks.
BTW : It is old fashioned to use waxing. Today we have creams.

trousers said...

Good to see some Burrow activity, Happy New Year to you too - and I hope the snuffles and sneezes disappear quickly.

lavenderblue said...

Welcome back !
How I have missed you..
Happy now xxxxxxx

Merkin said...

Orrabest, big man.