Thursday, 17 January 2008



After anxious cogitation, we have commissioned Miss Marple to enquire and report back as to the whereabouts of a certain Ms Melancholy, who has been missing from her blog since the end of October.

According to evidence supplied by the lady herself prior to her disappearance, supplemented by subsequent rumour, our friendly neighbourhood therapist has taken herself off to a lesbian menage deep in the countryside where [she alleges] BT cannot provide her with broadband facilities and there is also apparently dial-up failure.

Despite mounting unease amongst her growing band of unhappy fans, Ms M has so far not resurfaced. Bearing in mind the famous episode when Miss Marple's creator, the great Dame Agatha Christie, vanished for some weeks and turned up in a genteel Harrogate hotel claiming amnesia, we thought that Miss Marple was the obvious sleuth to unravel the deepening Ms Melancholy mystery.

She will need all the help she can get, not least from all those now posting on Ms Melancholy's thread who may have even the faintest clues to her whereabouts.


Merkin said...

Maybe she was given a cyber ASBO?

zola a social thing said...

Use the StarGate

trousers said...

Well Stray maintains that she's alive and well on her own blogsite, though apart from that who knows? It's been nearly three months since her last post..

Ms Melancholy said...

Anticant, you have remarkable powers of persuasion. Miss Marple herself has doggy paddled through the floods of North Yorkshire to my door, dug me out of a vulgar pile of Chocolate Oranges and tied my chubby little fingers to my laptop. I promise I shall blog tonight. I double promise I shall never, ever absent myself again. As for your frankly libellous comments about my 'exhausting lesbian romps' - I shall be taking urgent legal advice. Or not.

I have missed you all. I promise I am back. Big hugs.

lavenderblue said...

OH !! WOW !! Anticant = you did it,you did it !! xxxxxxxxxxxx

anticant said...

Miss Marple couldn't have doggy-paddled all by herself. She was escorted by Wooffie, arrayed in Dame Barbara's best string of pearls, and bearing a comforting barrel of brandy which we hope Miss M. will take some hearty swigs from as she spills her bag of beans.

Welcome back, Miss M!

Ms Melancholy said...

Thank you lovely Anticant! I am to take a leaf out of your book and start a new blog with tales from the Dales, with my lovely bloggy housemates. I didn't realise that I needed a break, but apparently I did. And now I have had it. Soooo lovely to be back. Thanks for the tot of brandy - much appreciated.