Thursday, 7 February 2008


ANTICANT is an accredited bigot. A “pseudo-liberal” one, to boot. We have this on no less an authority than that of a headmaster of an Islamic school, Ibrahim Lawson [see Anticant’s open letter to him on Anticant’s Arena].

This glad news set off a rash of bigotry confessions in the Burrow, with the following results:

ANTICANT is also a bigoted opponent of pseudo-religious twaddle.

BEN TROVATO is a bigoted topper-up of Snug regulars’ favourite tipples.

THE BEADLE is a bigoted turfer-out of knicker-waving naked kayakers.

MRS MALAPROP is a bigoted ribbed woollen stocking knitter.

WOOFFIE is a bigoted devotee of fine pearls and brandy.

DAME BARBARA is a bigoted champion of virginity in even the most bosom-heaving circumstances.

MISS MARPLE is a bigoted devotee of discreet sleuthing and demure omniscience.

THE CRAFTY CHAMBERMAID is a bigoted bedhopper and keyhole snooper.

So bring your bigotries to the Burrow, one and all, and let’s have a confessional orgy in the Snug. Free drinks all round.


Emmett said...

BODWYN Wook, of course, is a bigoted fan of Miss Jane Austen & future-historian Mr Jack Vance!

Emmett said...

BULWER Lytton and Mrs Trollope ain't no slouches, neither...!

zola a social thing said...

That damned Beadle of the Parish may well be a bigot but not big enough to prevent a knicker-loving-kayaker from stealing in through a raging eddy.

Helms a Lee. Lower and Dip.
( sori that was sailing....)

trousers said...

I'm a bigot of whisky (Laphroiag especially) and fine ales. Cheers! Nice to be in such company.

Ms Melancholy said...

I started to list all the things I am bigoted about, got worried about my remarkable intolerance, panicked a little and thus had to finish the bottle of wine I started last night to restore calmness, as per your previous post. I think peace is restored.