Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Ben has been buying some new pictures for the Snug. Here's one of them:

"Having finished installing the anti-parking bollards, it's time to clear up before driving back to the depot..."



zola a social thing said...

Where is the sexy bit?
Presentation is everything.
All we have here is a load of old bollards!

bwook said...

JESUS Christ, we got these in Waseca, MN, too -- I think if you screw up like these laddies did that, once installed, they just unscrew from the base...?

EITHER That or your boyos're dumber even than my Yanks!

THAT'S "Bollocks" I think, Zola, as in "Bollards to you!" (Footer-phrase in scrum, eh?)

zola a social thing said...

Bwookie wookie : Please. No nasty vile words on Grumpy Auntie pages.
I wrote a load of old bollards and I will continue to write a load of old bollards as much as I please.

Sorry Antirant : Just trying to keep up standards on your welcome return.

ben trovato said...

It was a load of new bollards.

zola a social thing said...

Where is the fucking Beadle?
This deserves the Beadle of the Parish.
Bollocks this site is dithering.

ben trovato said...

The Beadle is otherwise engaged, and will be reporting back shortly.

Meanwhile, Dame Barbara is terribly shocked at the loose language employed by Zola, and has ordered the Snug to be fumigated with a gallon of pink gin.