Tuesday, 24 June 2008


During Anticant's absence in sunny Italy, Ben has been whiling away the time rummaging through Anticant's Archive, and has come up with the following offering by Rhoda Tuck Pook which will kindle nostalgic memories among mid-20th century cricket aficionados:

"An unfortunate thing about Arlott,
And his confrere E.W. Swanton,
Is that one will rhyme only to 'harlot'
And the other to nothing but 'wanton'.
Are they greatly annoyed
If disciples of Freud
Have these omens employed
And their honour destroyed?
For there's nothing whatever suggestive in Arlott,
Or, of course, in his opposite number - that's Swanton."

When reminded of this, Anticant commented sourly that in these lily-livered days, libel writs would already be flying in the direction of the hapless poetess and her publishers.


Merkin said...

I hadn't realised that Our Anti had sprung fully clothed from the depths of W.G. Grace's beard.
Such subterfuge is strictly Not Cricket.

On the other hand, they are saying the same thing about Dave Davis in the Reform Club.

Tennis Babe said...

Consider yourself well and truly served.