Friday, 5 December 2008


Ben Trovato says:

Three little frogs arrived at the gates of Heaven, where St Peter conducted the usual cross-examination before admitting them.

"And how did you spend your life?" he asked the first little frog, who replied "Oh, I didn't do anything very much, really, except jump in and out of puddles."

"That sounds harmless enough, said St Peter. "In you go." Then he turned to the second little frog, who gave the same reply and was nodded through.

The third little frog was dressed up to the nines, with long curling eyelashes and a touch of makeup.

"Tell me", said St Peter, "what have you been doing all your life?"

The little creature simpered and said "Oh, I'm Puddles!"


Merkin said...

O to be a frog, at times.

ben trovato said...

Not much chance of you turning into a prince, is there?

Merkin said...


'Shoot the bloody lot of them' is what my mother used to say.

Bodwyn Wook said...

Frogs is French letters in Wellington, but I expect with just a bit of tinkering you could turn it into 'Mankato Life TO-DAY!'

zola a social thing said...

Change "Puddles" for "Poodles" and your are onto a winner guv.