Wednesday, 4 April 2007


The Beadle - who has smatterings of culture - waxes philosophical:

Werner Heisenberg is out driving when he's stopped by a motorcycle cop.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" asks the cop.

"No, but I know where I am", Heisenberg replies.

René Descartes is drinking in a bar in Paris:

"Another one, René?", asks the barman.

"I think not", says Descartes ... and immediately vanishes.


zola said...

That Beadle is now coming out.
The "here and the now" punishes.

As Coleridge said so well "never treat people as things".

Survive the Easter Mr Beadle and never give up.

I'm off for punishment.

ben trovato said...

The Beadle is honoured that his finer talents are at length being recognised, and looks forward to hob-nobbing with Zola about postmodernism over a silver tankard of his favourite brew.

The Beadle says he intends to spend Easter composing an Ode to Knickers in the style of Kubla Khan, unless anticant and I succeed in dissuading him from such a dubious enterprise.

trousers said...

Is that "An Ode to Knickers" in the style of Kubla Khan, or "An Ode to Knickers (which are) in the style of Kubla Khan?"

I ask merely for clarity.

ben trovato said...

I can hear the Beadle muttering away to himself as he polishes the Snug brassware:

"In burrowland did anticant
A frilly knickerstore decree
Where lavvyblue and Zola too
Disport themselves in fancy pants
That reach from waist to knee..."

Judge anticant said...

That's quite enough of that! Back to your muttons, Beadle.

lavenderblue said...

My fancy pants are a lot smaller than that...............

Anna MR said...

Alright folks, I am nowhere near as witty, intelligent, or odd as you, but I am enjoying it immensely here.

anticant said...

Welcome to the Snug, Anna MR. We just do our best to keep ourselves entertained, here and elsewhere. Sometimes it's a case of "if we didn't smile, we'd weep." Above all, we're good humoured [most of the time]. Glad to have you with us.