Thursday, 24 May 2007


ben trovato says:

Police farce

Well if we had ID Cards, this type of thing would never happen, would it?


trousers said...


zola a social thing said...

Anticant : You really must reconsider your role in society. You are not presenting yourself as a good role model at all. You are encouraging anti-social behaviour when you should be acting against it.
This is your second warning. Three and off to my court room.

The.Italian.Job said...

Tin foil hats, anyonyone?
Also keeps the sun off yer napper.
Cheap at the price.

zola a social thing said...

Indeed eyetiejob : Anticant has already had far too much sun on his head as is evidenced by his writings.

Is he off to Italy?
To visit the Pope?
To do battle with Berlusconi?
To audition for a new Bond film in venice?
The mind boggles.

anticant said...

Opportunity would be a fine thing - there's been precious little sun around here this past week or so, and next week's forecast for Italy isn't encouraging, alas.....

Watch this space.

Emmett said...

JESUS Christ, this is brilliant, too effing funny for words, your taxes at work, 'King 'Ell!

WORST Of it is, when I was a working-CC, Christ, it would have been some of the off-duty lads, at least one-in-three!