Saturday, 19 May 2007


ben's dad says:

I went clubbing last night - well, not me specifically. [ben: "oh no?"]

Met a lady a couple of years younger than me, maybe late 60s, but still very attractive.

We laughed and talked and drank.

We drank and talked and laughed some more.

Then she asked me a question just about every man has fantasized about:

She asked if I had ever indulged in a mother and daughter threesome!

When I recovered my wits and replied "no", she said this was my lucky night.

Wow! It was one of those dreams come true!

I drove her back to her house, and she unlocked the door and led me inside. My heart was pounding.

Then she shouted up the stairs, "MUM, ARE YOU STILL AWAKE?"


antique optimist said...

This strikes me as a very ageist tale.

A friend once told me of a gay dinner party he hosted. The guests were discussing their sexual tastes. The oldest guest said: "Well, it's getting rather difficult for me these days. I really only fancy blokes older than me. And I'm 83."

I like to think that the moral of that story is: "While there's life, there's hope".

Barbara.Cartland said...

No ageism in the burrow.
As long as it can steam up a mirror I don't care.

mary whitehouse said...

On No! that louche Dame Barbara is prowling around. An epidemic of bodice-ripping seems imminent. I shall complain to the Management.

The Burrow Beadle said...

No bodice-ripping in the burrow.

By Order

The Burrow Beadle said...

Or mirror-steaming.

By Order

zola a social thing said...

Three humps or two that is the question.
is it more noble to play tents with three poles or four?
It gets worse
as the NYBurrow joins the fray of vulgar tabloid bloggism.
Just wait soon we will have adverts on this once Thundering site.

ben trovato said...

Well timed, Zola - we have just been asked to poat an advertisement for "Large Hot Lover's Pizza".

Trouble is, we don't know any large hot lovers........

zola a social thing said...

would you please define large and this with reference to item so described.

USpace said...

LOL, very funny stuff, talk about a GGILF...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
laughing shall be unlawful