Friday, 18 May 2007


ben trovato writes:

In Germany, am 17. Mai geboren is a euphemism for 'homosexual', because the relevant provisions of the Penal Code were contained in Art. 175. The story is told, in one of Upton Sinclair's novels, of an art exhibition during the Nazi years at which the number was allocated to a painting of young men on the march entitled 'Spirit of National Socialism'. Unfortunately, the fact was pointed out at a preview by an American journalist; the director was shot, and the number reallocated to a still-life of a vase of flowers.

- From The Oxford Companion to the Year.

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Horse.Trader said...

I was in Lord Jim's Pub in Rio.
On the walls are photos of famous racehorses - most of which raced in England.
Amongst others, is a winner of one or more classic races.
'Filho da Puta'
As far as I understand, the name had to be changed for the official records.