Monday, 28 May 2007


There will be no more posts in the burrow or the arena for the next ten days.

Anticant is heading for the Italian Lakes, seeking a week of lazy days, warm breezes, sunshine, scenery, boating, and scrumptious food [not to mention copious draughts of local wine].

He will be accompanied by the burrow's resident artist, lavenderblue, bearing her paintbox, in search of new scenic murals to decorate the burrow and other favourite haunts.

The stalwart boldscot/merkin will complete the trio of intrepid travellers - so expect some highly-coloured - if not lurid - accounts of our peregrinations in due course.

"Three Men in a Boat" will be nothing to it......


trousers said...

Have a very, very, VERY good time! I've not been to the Lakes but I've been past them, and it looks to be a wonderful part of the world. Enjoy, all three of you!

zola a social thing said...

Christ almighty !!! Sounds like a best seller to me ( forget the good and the bad and the ugly) this is Ransome adventures in the making. A threesome too.
I will pray for you.
Have the Italians been warned?

ben trovato said...

More like the Fearsome Five.

Richard W. Symonds said...

Have one amazing holiday - I've gone green all over with ivy.

ben trovato said...

If you want a Ransome story, Zola, you'd better sign up as Captain Flint.

Who is the bilious Ivy, Richard? Your lady wot does?

BTW, I and the Beadle will be keeping the Snug bright, burnished and well stocked while Anticant is away, so droppers-in for a chat or a pint will be welcome.

No doubt the first thing the Ancient does on his return will be to rush to the burrow site to see who's been posting.....

Emmett said...

WELL, There you are gallivanting whilst Farmer Wook toils in the biting flies and horse-manure....


ALL I have to say is to have a good time, you Devils, but -- keep off the wine & and do NOT wee in those eglantine lakes!

Grandpa, Corn Farmer & Methodist Teetotaler

Emmett said...

AUNTY, Thank you! for the law-links & have a GOOD time, Emmett!

ranger said...

Ciao you three would be bloggers. Leaving your laptops at home eh? I wonder what you'll do w/ yourselves....
We'll want pictures of the debauchery on your return.
Great trip and good luck all.... hope for Anti's sake the boldmeister's left his hawaiian patterned short pants up north!
Ciao and salute

zola a social thing said...

Talking about Jerome K Jerome this jolly jaunt of the bloggers-threesome seems to be akin to "Three Men On The Bummel" (1900) but with one change.

Our adventurers today are 3 old hens on the wild side.
Good clucks to ya'll.

Emmett said...

WELL, I reckon it is all up to US, eh? to keep the home-fires burning at least until Aunty & Party is brought back, either between two policemen apiece -- or, laid out on shutters after too-festive guzzling & swilling-down of the old chianti, Wook In The Henhouse!

Emmett said...

ALSO This:

IF The Intelligent Bad Element DO manage NOW to bring in their Home Office 'reorganisation' in the next couple of days, of course obviously it will then be out of sheer spite -- and, to be ready to keep our globe-trotters FROM GETTING BACK IN HERE to soil the multicultural smarrmy home-atmosphere, with their endless tergiversate factitiosities! (As a retd CC, I DO happen to know how the senior police 'think'!)

Wook Again

sneakyranger said...

Yep.... OK, now let us get down to business. Who's got the keys to the bar and where does Anti keep his smoking jacket?
'While the cat's away' and all that sheit.

zola a social thing said...

Godamit : Anticant and his expedition have left all hell breaking loose on that other posh site of his.
Whatever happened to east-west relations?

BTW : keys to the snug bar are usually kept under the pot with an aspidistra.

Emmett said...

DEAR Lav, a favour if you please;

IF You /should/ happen to have peep in around here at the sots & whilst not-otherwise engaged, helping the gentlemen there in the dolomites, in the loo & all that...would you be a love & keep an eye out, please, for:



WE Crossed briefly in the ack-emma the other day, in 'CiE', but the neolaborofascisti editing-programme deleted (!) his personal greetings to me before I could flash back my addresses or anything.

RUBBISHY Load of /faux/-tolerant multi-cultural shitheels & tax-bandits!



Emmett said...

30 May 2007

TO All:

WELL, By God, it is up to US to keep each other diddled & entertained whilst the gremlins wander abroad and add to the load of resented UK hooliganism on the continent -- elder hooliganism in this case, I fear....

THE Following two links are sequential, speak for themselves, attest an at-home role of mine as (maternal) family historian. 'Tis all based on stuff I heard about as a child from my mother's barbarian & yeoman relations, in old Blue Earth county, Minnesota:

WHEN I was little in this incarnation
Uncle Magly was in his fifties (my age now) and I thought he was a delightful, profane & cigaretty old scoundre -- and, one who always had time for ME!

Grandpa Wook