Monday, 14 May 2007


ben trovato says:

Look what I found when surfing the Internet!

Is one of them Ruth Kelly, I wonder?


lavenderblue said...

erm.............just what sites do YOU frequent then ?

Merkin said...

It is incredible that the community affairs Minister can wear a sado-masochistic flagellation device to work.

(i was going to say that it is even more incredible that she has the job of achieving integration with minorities when she has her colours pinned so firmly to the mast. Then I realised - she probably has that too).

I did ask her on CiF onetime if she had worn this device when she voted for the war, and whether she was in a state of euphoria at the time.

She didn't reply.

Dan Browne, should look into it.

zola a social thing said...

I used to visit a convent sometimes.
Does that count as appropriate behaviour today?
But I do not frequent websites like this one and I take seriously the good question from lavenderBlue.
Anticant - has Ben been leading you astray again?

zola a social thing said...

BTW Anticant : little birds tell me about some naughty political act from you. A petition?

What's it all about Anti.....or was it just for the moment...?

anticant said...

Zola, whether or not your convent visitations were appropriate depends on the reasons for them. Were you teaching the nuns bad habits?

If you will deign to visit my arena, you will find a link to the Declaration against Violence which is a very serious effort by ranger and myself to mobilise world opinion.

Please sign it - and get some Finnish support if you can. Ask people to state their country under 'comments', as we want to demonstrate a wide spread of support.

The Beadle is very relieved not to be trawling the Arctic Circle for frozen traces of you.

zola a social thing said...

Sounds Interesting Anticant : I must catch up on a few sites and things as this world seems to go on without me all the time. I am too slow by nature.

But one question. To petition against violence is to petition against the very dominant culture that we live by and informs our practices.
Are we really sure we can do this?

But you know me - an adventure here and there is always welcome.

anticant said...

Why not, Zola? Haven't you ever swum against the tide? [Though I don't believe it IS a tide; the non-violent are the vast majority.] Nothing venture nothing win. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - EDMUND BURKE.

Emmett said...

AUNTY, You villain, I've signed up on this peace-gidget of yours, glad to do! /And/, I see, you've posted a load of School Sisters of Notre Dame, bearing rifles -- their mother house is right here in Old Mankato, MN, and I'm personally glad that all my experiences of them was of inordinately jolly women; nor did I get rapped even once, not even an ear yanked. These ladies portrayed here are plainly going out to look for rabbits and other communists, all hiding out in the 'Good Counsel' farm, north-east of the city. I /know/ this from the manner in which their coifs are folded, that they are Notre Dames; and, clearly the picture is from the mccarthyite american 1950s. So, you jaded apres-modernes: sauve qui peut!

Merkin said...

Can anyone get me a line to the stuff that Wookie has?
I thought that White cider was the bees knees until I heard the big man.
Unfortunately, i can no longer travel to the Americas because of the guys waiting with rubber gloves to meet me but I still want a taste of that outback that enlivens Wookie (mad cunt) Zola and Ranger.

anticant said...

Well, St. Wook, let's hope they are better shots than 'mephisto' Cheney on his duck shoot!

zola a social thing said...

Did you mean Cheney and MEFISTOIL?
More cultural violence from Antipants.

ranger said...

Could someone please send these 'bad-ass bitches' after the asshole in the S.A.V. 4x4(suburban assault vehicle) that hit me on my bike yesterday.? I was unable to sufficiently guilt the jackass driving the diesel beast into much of any kind of responsibility. Maybe they could help out in that respect, and if the nazi-nuns aren't able to work their guilt trip magic I would be fine with calling out the 'command' at the firing range..

Catching up on the 'Kent' situation over at my place now Anti. I've been on my back, sufficiently doped up with my leg in the air for the last 20 hours. It looks like you and Jose are taking care of business without me.

anticant said...

Very sorry to hear this, Brian, and do hope your injuries are not severe or lasting. Take things easy, and get well soon.

Hope you got the name and number of the careless bastard who hit you, and will pursue your legal and insurance remedies.

Take care.

MerkinOnParis said...

Sorry to hear about the accident, Ranger. Do follow it up as far as you can.
I have tried to post a couple of times to try and educate Kent, under one name and then under my blog name, with no success.
In addition, I have had a couple of unexplained 'crashes' and now find myself unable to even check the petition site to see how things are progressing.
Anyone else having problems?

ranger said...

Hi All,
Thanks very much for the wishes. Nothing broken, only bruised and twisted, swollen and sore. My knee took the brunt of the impact. I think I'll be hobbling around for a couple weeks. I'm really just pissed because it is so beautiful outside and I can't go and do the things I love to do in this weather, bike, run, hike etc
I did get the info from the jerk and am deciding what to do about that.
Merman, I'm having the same difficulties gaining access to the petition page. Not sure what that is all about. As far as your comments to Kent, perhaps they've gone into my spam bucket, Ill check that out.
Cheers all.

Merkin said...

Ranger, I'll email you.
The petition site may, hopefully, be a victim of its own success. Maybe not.

ranger said...

You've heard the news? It isn't 72 Virgins waiting in heaven for the Muslim martyrs, it is 72 Virginians, the likes of Madison, Henry, Mason, Washington, Jefferson, Harrison, Wilson, Monroe and James, of course, that are there waiting for them.