Thursday, 10 May 2007


An amber alert is showing in the burrow, where Zola has not been seen or heard from for almost a week. Nor has he responded to requests on his own site to let his anxious friends know that he is alright, after telling us some days ago that - uncharacteristically for him - he was feeling weary and cynical.

So will Zola PLEASE post even a brief message of reassurance? Otherwise, the alert will escalate to red and search parties will assemble.


lavenderblue said...

ZoZo isn't in the Eurovision Song Contest,is he ?
It's in Finland.................
you never know.......

lavenderblue said...

On a serious note - yes,ZoZo PLEASE respond-at least to Anticant.......

zola a social thing said...

Why do you guys always get yer knickers in a twist whenever Zola gets human?
Been reading Kafka again I have.
Not ready for optimism.

what news?

anticant said...

OUR knickers in a twist?

What d'you mean by "getting human"? Putting the wind up all your devoted fans by staging a week's disappearance seems inhuman to us. Who do you think you are? Agatha Christie?

We are all much relieved that you have resurfaced - not least the Beadle, who was not relishing having to don his winter woollies and trudge through the Laplandish blizzards looking for a Zola in a snowstorm.

Don't go AWOL again, please!

lavenderblue said...

HAHAHA !!! 'Agatha Christie'.
oh thank you Anticant !!

GorgonBroon said...

'A Zola in a snowstorm'?

Pleeze forgeev maj pure Engleesh.
Vat ez zees Zola in a snowstorm?

Eez zees a, how yoo sigh, 'turn of phrase'?

Lajk, Kemmeron haz ez mach chenz af bee Prajm Meeneester as 'A Zola in a snowstorm'.

ben trovato said...

When storm cones are hoisted for Zola
And we fear he is lost in a Polar
Meltdown or icecap
Or a great big bear trap
Lavvyblue takes to drink to console her.

It's really upset the poor Beadle
Who sat down on a large darning needle
And fell to the floor
Letting out a loud roar
Which was heard from Caerphilly to Cheadle.

anticant said...

That's enough of that.

lavenderblue said...

I'm loving this........!

zola a social thing said...

If you all carry on like this I will take you for a meal at McDonalds.
Take care now.

Anonymous said...

Gorgon and Ben :
'stick to your day job'

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