Friday, 27 July 2007


Due to an inadvertent lapse into bad taste which was not received with the customary lighthearted good humour usually evident in fellow-bloggers, Anticant and his various aliases will not be posting comments on others' blogs from now on.

The Burrow will continue to offer a warm welcome to visitors, though posts may be more intermittent, as there are better things to do with one's time than to get at cross-purposes with others who operate on the principle that what's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander.


Emmett said...

[MY 87-years' old farm-neighbout, Nr Judson Andersen, has asked me to forward this on:]

"Aunty, fer chrissakes, stop posing around with the hurt feelings already, God damn it, we ALL screw the pooch sooner or later & God-DAMN the dainty sonsofbitches & assholes Who Can Dish It Out -- BUT THE DIRTY BASTARDs CAN'T TAKE IT! Jesus Christ, Judson Andersen!"

[AND, Anyway, /you/ are /always/ more-than-welcome, at these two unsavoury ratholes of ours:

[s/B Wook, CC & On-line Etiquettist]

zola a social thing said...

I would respond in this way right now.
Just do not want to lose a good voice that is usually most reasonable and always demanding thought.
I also understand, rather well, the real feelings that become daily trials of life when sickness is no longer curable.
It matters nothing that we will all get it. It matters nothing that those that are in waiting know not what they wait for. All this is feeble academics and psycho-babble.

Always re-consider Anticant. That has been one of your lifetime talents. Never throw that away me old matey.

anticant said...

Emmett and Zola, I appreciate your kind sentiments.

We all of us, I believe, use our blogs as a welcome refuge from the harsh realities of 'real life' - a playground where we can indulge our childlike sense of fun. We often say preposterous things [sometimes, though not always, very witty] which amuse us precisely because they are so preposterous. We give ourselves and each other licence
to be Court Jesters.

However, we cannot all be in a receptive mood for badinage all the time, so our joking is sometimes on a knife-edge.

One of my merry quips has struck a fellow blogger as so offensive as to be legally actionable. It was never intended thus, and I have duly apologised.

However, as the person in question is themselves one of our foremost pranksters, I deem it more prudent and courteous to confine my own observations to posting on my own blogs for the time being.

By all means please continue to contribute to the gossip and fun here in the Burrow.

Emmett said...

/AU Contraire/, m'sieur.../my/ real motive for blogging IS to INSULT the Be-Jesus out of various hairpins & DIMWITS, PLUS grinding their leering POSTMODERN Moon faces & Rotting MELONheads IN the humiliating & irremediable FACT of the sheer hysteria of THEIR crazed & psychiatrically-DEFECTIVE "objective" opinions.

PLUS...Nyaaah, nyaaah, nyaaah! & "Screw you, Buddy!"

(All the while -- incidentally! -- getting Big Prestige from off of the lexicographers of smut & ethnophaulism & invective by coining heartstoppingly FUNNY new contraptions of neologism & insult in description of PICKLEHEADS!)

AND You THOUGHT I was conducting an eleemosynary & COMPASSIONATE Sufi-operation...Oh Jesus Christ, I CAN'T stand it...Har-har-de-har-har...!

anticant said...

More power to your elbow, Wook, you cussed incarnation of the American Eagle!

Happily, PEACE has now been restored among the Burrow regulars - all is forgiven, and Ben is pouring large doubles all round while the Beadle proudly runs up the Knickers Standard to the masthead, indicating that the Resident Artist is in situ. Wooffie slowly wags his tail and eyes the brandy bottle thoughtfully....

As the weekend proceeds, Anticant may even be found back on some of his customary haunts. We shall see!

ben trovato said...

All's well that has ended [we hope] well.

May Lavender always be Blue and blooming -never Brown and broody.

The Burrow Beadle said...

Positively no squabbling in the Burrow.

By Order

lavenderblue said...

No never again
and it's 'no no never'........
kisses and love to you xx

zola a social thing said...

What the hell was all that about then? Ah never mind ... no need to know as all is well on the pesty front.