Saturday, 21 July 2007


ben trovato writes:

The Beadle and Wooffie have returned without summer, and without brandy. They claim that they had to give almost all of it away "to keep the natives friendly", but judging from the Beadle's somewhat lurching gait and the bleary look in Wooffie's eye, Judge Anticant considers the case merits further examination and is considering convening a Burrow court. Evidence from any witnesses of the intrepid pair's travels will be welcomed.

During a severe but brief thunderstorm yesterday, the Burrow suffered an incursion of water through a bedroom ceiling and it transpires that an ancient chimney is in need of repair. This will require the erection of scaffolding, which is both expensive and inelegant. However, we have so far escaped lightly in comparison with other storm damage throughout the country, and we sympathise with all the unfortunates whose homes and possessions have been ruined in the recent downpours.


zola a social thing said...

Wooffie and the Beadle pissed again we see.
Anticant getting pissed-upon by the good Lord above. Or was that angels weeping at the sight of such a gay band of adventurers?
Don't worry Gawdi Brown has promised a helping-hand budget of 0.000002% of the war budget to help the needy.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

The world's gone all a-topsy-turvy - you got rain and we got none. Can you please send us back our winter - we'll send you our blue skies. And I know just who to blame for all this confusion!

Emmett said...

THIS Must can be said for all the Torrential Downpours, I expect, namely that it is a new lease on life for the beeches....

ANYHOW, Here on the North Coast of Ioway, we sure as Hell could use some rain! The corn (maize, /eg/) is all 'firing', which circumstance is a boot in the arse & one in the eye, for all these newly-converted ethanol-farmers.

Dustbowl Wook

lavenderblue said...

Dustbowl Wookie !
Swap climates ?xx

Lily-the-Pink said...

Scaffolding........frightening stuff.
Oh,Anticant,rotten luck,hope it all goes OK, and more importantly, you remember to wear a Hard Hat as you walk underneath

Anonymous said...

No sexual talk on this site please.