Saturday, 28 July 2007


After a fraught twelve hours, peace has been restored to the Burrow, and the off-scene hurling of stink bombs has ceased.

Anticant is ensconced in his favourite chair in the ingle nook, with a pile of books and itinerant marmalade cats.

Lavenderblue is making preliminary sketches for her forthcoming masterly depiction of the jaunty Ben Trovato.

Ben and the Beadle are busy sprucing up the Snug in anticipation of a weekend dropin by trousers and friends and an August State Visit from the Naked Kayaker.

Wooffie is dreaming of his alcoholic monastery mountain home and Dame Barbara's pearls.

A warm welcome for the weekend, everyone!


lavenderblue said...

I hate to say it......but it is SUNNY here today.....

zola a social thing said...

Check the UV.

trousers said...

Indeed I am making a quick visit as anticipated - but what on earth....perhaps not best to ask I suppose. Enjoy the books!

Emmett said...

WELL, Jesus Christ, here's what's going on HERE, God damn it!

s/Fairgoing-Farmer Wook

Emmett said...

YOO-Hoo! Cooee...! Anybody to home?



lavenderblue said...

Coooooee tractor man....I LOVES ya !!

Emmett said...

lb, Kind of you to say so!

MEANWHILE, The guns fire & the invective hails down like shrapnel...or, "a cow pissing off of a flat rock!" -- at:

WHO The blazes is this sneersome QPR23 blighter? Don't have a damn thing on /him/!

CC Wook

PS: How's Aunty? Long time, no hear!

DJ Kirkby said...

writing posts in wingding font?!