Saturday, 20 January 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - Saturday 20th

Sceptic anticant's thought for today:

"I am amazed at the coils of falsehood in which devout persons take delight


zola said...

As Gide said so many times and in so many different ways : a ship is safe when in harbour but that was not what a ship was built for. (or something like that anyway).

Blogs, I suggest, were not built to stay safe in harbours.
I like Andre Gide stuff too.

lavenderblue said...

My favourite.......
If It Die.

Si Le Grain Ne Meurt.

and talking of boats and things,
where did the expression ' runs a tight ship come from'?
and - 'tight lines'....

For some reason I have always felt safer at sea than in harbour.

anticant said...

Actually the Gide quote comes from "Les Faux-monnayeurs".

lavenderblue said...

The Coiners.
No, haven't read it.
Would like to read the Journals...
My Father always quoted 'so many books, so little time'.
I have probably misquoted.