Monday, 1 January 2007


Who would have thought that Zola's first action of 2007 would have been to haul anticant before the beak? A pretty harbinger of things to come!

Judge anticant has stepped down from the bench because of conflict of interest, he having consumed several of the said mince pies. The case will be heard by His Honour Yellow Duck.

anticant has appointed Suzon to be his leading defence counsel, and lavenderblue to be prisoner's friend. As the remaining mince pies will have to be produced in evidence, maybe she can shove a few buns through the bars of the parish lockup pending the trial?


lavenderblue said...

Oh Anticant I weep to see
You cling to immorality
A prisoner's friend I will always be....
Now - where would you like me to shove these mince pies,Guv ?

Merkin said...

Hard, hard labour without parole.
That'll show 'em.
I blame Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

'A prisoner's friend I will always be....'.
We all know what that means.