Thursday, 25 January 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - Thursday 25th

Dunno about daily "Ah Dunno" threads. Maybe weekly. As there have been fewer visitors to the burrow this week, anticant has sent ben trovato off for a winter holiday. The Beadle is busy repainting outside, and getting the grounds into shape for spring planting. anticant will pop over from the arena every now and then to see if there are any new comments on this or any other burrow threads. Meanwhile, he is mulling over the travails of playing mine host, and empathising with John Fothergill, the author of An Innkeeper's Diary.


lavenderblue said...

Seems a shame..
Maybe you scared everyone away, Anticant !

anticant said...

SCARED, lavender? That lot? No, they've just decided to go elsewhere, having found that I wasn't going to be pushed around. Sad, I agree. But it was I who felt I was being bullied, at times.

Writing blogs is hard work. I've gone to a lot of trouble, and spent much time consulting references etc., before composing my stuff - even the lighter pieces. There's no point in doing it unless others enjoy my products and behave in a congenial way.

I didn't experience some of my visitors as appreciative or good-humoured. I don't mean I want forelock-pulling - just ordinary politenness. After telling me how much they liked my stuff, and urging me to continue, they then began to put the boot in when I decided to open a new site to separate the more serious from the lighthearted stuff. I get fed up with being told how "wrong" I am in everything I think and do. These are my sites, after all.

In particular, I rather dislike those who don't go to the trouble of setting up their own blogs and laying out their stalls but merely flit around criticising and sneering. What I've discovered on the Internet is a great deal of attempted thought-control by people who can't bear to be "wrong" or to accept that others genuinely differ from them over politics, philosophy, or anything else.

My basic purpose in blogging is to try and get some insight into how other people view the worrying things going on in today's increasingly nasty world, and hopefully tap into a collective sense of what might be done to remedy some of it. If other Awkward Squadders find this too serious, and are more interested in playing intellectual ping-pong and being flippant - which I see as evading the real issues - are you surprised if I lose interest?

Anyway, the burrow remains open and interest in it may revive. I hope so, because I've become very fond of the place.

butwhatif said...

"I rather dislike those who don't go to the trouble of setting up their own blogs and laying out their stalls but merely flit around criticising and sneering."

I'm guilty of the first, AC; the second too, I guess, but criticism is surely what we all want; but hopefully, innocent of the third.

I feel I can't really contribute to your other place, since I'm not comfortable signing up via that google thing. Perhaps too, there are already too many sites to keep visiting. That might be one good reason for those of us who like to comment not setting up other ones.

I wish your other place well. I'll always check out here, if I'm welcome. I've learned much. (No forelock tuggin, just a polite truth.)

anticant said...

Of course you're welcome, BWI, though I'm sorry you won't comment on the arena. I think this 'Googlephobia' is a bit paranoid, quite honestly. I'm sure everyone using the Internet for any purpose at all is well and truly snooped on. So what? It's the intrusive society we're living in, alas. The question is, how to mobilise the resources of the Internet to change that.

As you've doubtless gathered, my mood about blogging is dependent upon my rotten health. I tire very easily, and am no longer as rational as I perhaps should be about many things these days. Whether I continue blogging must depend upon whether I find it helpful to my general wellbeing or not.

I can relay your comments from here to the arena if you ever want me to.

trousers said...

I dunno either. Where am I? HELP! I'm missing the awkward squad, mainly because I'm missing my net connection. Fingers crossed, before the end of the coming week, I will be fully connected and kitted out to be posting again (ISP problems prevail).
Whether you take that as a threat or a promise, is up to you!

zola said...

The return of Trousers?
Roll out the kegs
We'll av a barrel of fun

anticant said...

No barrels of fun on offer here, Zola. The burrow has just been unfavourably compared to CiF on your "Berlin" thread! If I had their range of posters and commentators, I'd run it a damn sight better than Georgina & Co.