Tuesday, 30 January 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - Tuesday 30th

The burrow has only been open a couple of months, and anticant and ben have written well over 100 posts. It's difficult to keep that pace up, even without our health and other daily problems. We will continue to add nuggets to the burrow collection as and when we can. Meanwhile, why don't those Olivers who are constantly asking for more take a stroll through some of the earlier posts, some of which are still worth reading and even adding comments to?

Sorry, Zola, but the brandy mince pies are finished for this year. ben wouldn't mind a gallon of Finnish vodka for the Snug bar, though.


zola said...

Finnish Vodka?
Nobody knows what that is anymore.
Russians and Estonians have been at it and even selling it in nasty forms.
People dead because of it.
Mixed with cheap "fuels" it is.

Your snug bar would not want it.

Smuggled into Finland it is. Inside trees that have been hollowed out.
What is the world coming to i ask.

anticant said...

The world is already there, I fear. The genuine Finnish vodka I had years ago is still memorable - leaves a warm tingly glow...

zola said...

Old boozer you are !