Tuesday, 20 March 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - 20th March

Emmett writes:

Antimacassar, er, Anticant!

"CHRIST, Hell, dirty sonofabitch -- the rotten bastard actually went right in there! I'll be God-damned!" as my 87-years-old farm-neighbour, Judson Andersen, said to me tonight, after we got that "whore's dream" of a takeout-augur (which he re-welded for me to-day) remounted in my silo. And, ditto-that -- I finally figured out /how/ to weasel my way back in /here/ with various irreplaceable sagacities & dire insights; and, for now, will piss off and leave you lot in peace anyway, as our host is sound asleep -- and I've got a few lambs coming yet. And, sure as Hell, them Cheviot ewes'll be at it at two in the ack-emma! (Actually, they're jolly sheep and damn good Ma's, plus they usually don't NEED any help -- but, I like to get up and ooze around the barn a few times in the night, just in case. Nice thing is the little shits are doing alright in this 40-degree weather. Ain't like the first round back in February....)

SORRY, Anticant, I perceive that in the foregoing I lapsed rather into American, eh? 'Oh, well, maybe next time', as the Mouse said after he failed to make love to the Elephant, 'after all, morality is mainly a matter of LUCK!'

B Wook

20 March 2007 01:19:00 GMT

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Emmett said...

GOOD Morning from the cattail-sloughs & rotting snowbanks of southern Minnesota, from Former farmer Smith -- this is just a further test, to see if I'm still getting through, and to 'Ah Dunno', as you'd just suggested...?

ANYHOW, I am pleased to report that there was seven more lambs in the night, all twins and triplets -- the old ewes tend to three more often & so now I've got the suck-pails all rigged and hanging, and so all is well here. /And/, the flipping silo-augurs is groaning ang moaning and working away with an unwonted efficacy!

Former Farmer Smith
(aka Yeoman Wook)

[I Shall on another occasion explain the 'Former Farmer' bit more clearly --ES/BW]