Saturday, 16 December 2006



There is a thread on Harry's Place
commenting on changes at the "Guardian" - Georgina Henry's 'promotion' etc. ['So goodbye then, Seumas Milne']. Most of the 150-odd comments are totally irrelevant - which doesn't encourage me to blog on there regularly - but I have just posted a comment slamming Georgina's CiF censorship policy.

Have a look, and add reinforcements if so inclined.


zola said...

Ah Dunno : Think I would rather leave comment here.
Chris White asks for more comment too but he will make it all academic as always.
Ah dunno : if i can think of a polite way to post about this CiF fiasco then ..... who knows.

Anonymous said...

Zola's and Auntie's appear to be the best of the new lot - essential visiting.
Hours of fun for all the family.
(Obviously, a disfunctional family I live with).

zola said...

Anonymouse : Please show some respect and education in your comments.

This "New Lot" smacks of indecent and terribly alien chat.

Please explain what you mean by "New Lot" or face a possible banning order !!!!

No more chances given and no explanations will be given.

The Guardian of OUR gates of freedom that are immune unless a dash of vinegar is spashed.
(otherwise known as Caustic Acid )

Anonymous said...

Aha!! As usual, 'new lot' can be taken many ways and is a mix'n'match phrase for the reader to interpret to his advantage.
Perhaps, I actually meant to say 'job lot' or that Sodom and Begorrah was only a stone's throw away.
Perhaps, I was just trapped in 'Little Britain mode.
Maybe, none of the above.
Moral : never post in the morning before my third coffee.
PS check your mail

anticant said...

anonymous [as if we don't know who you are!]: who is 'Auntie'? how can we visit her when we don't know where she is?

Auntie can't. anticant can.

Anonymous said...

I thought AuntieRant was the Beeb WebBlog.

zola said...

Come on mousymousy Anon : Another cup of coffee for the road and to the valley below.

You must KNOW that I do not recieve post on a Saturday morning.
Where did you go to school I ask!
BTW : "Disfunctional"? It should av bin "Dysfunctional" as it is an American term only used by a few alienated and angst ridden EU types.

Just for family play.

Anonymous said...

I was that soldier.

zola said...

Ah Anon : That deck of cards I see.

But I am that "Unknown Soldier"

Wanna play poker?

Merkin said...

Not my game at all - even though I have the face for it.
Did look at Chris White's initial piece of work.
I was in the same situation as Zola - in my case I couldn't put it in a nutshell, particularly as I have never been banned from that site.
My multiple personalities are still alive and kicking even though I comment there less and less.
Have generally restricted it to those occasions when help for the troops is needed (or, when MisterMonist is needing a good seeing to)