Sunday, 17 December 2006


ben trovato writes:

As anticant has immersed himself in prostitution until further notice, he has asked me to open up the burrow and tell you lot to keep it clean & tidy while he's ruminating. No rude words or knicker-waving!

Meanwhile I'll do my best to think up a good story or two, but just now my mind's a blank.


zola said...

G'Day Ben T : Is anticant busy with sustaining his habit.
On a Sunday?
Always suspected a Fabian link there somewhere.
15 quid for charity i say.

ben trovato said...

Zola, anticant asks me to say that he has already pledged £35 for Angela's parachute jump. So far, billstickers has declined to pledge even a penny. So go rattle your collecting tin outside BS's Pearly Gates!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of borrowing 10p for a cup of tea?.

anticant said...

10p for a cup of tea? Who are you? billstickers? [Do cyberghosts drink tea?]

Anonymous said...

BillyBoy surely doesn't believe in borrowing.
Remember what they say :
'Jesus Saves, Moses Invests'