Tuesday, 19 December 2006


I [anticant] am getting pretty exasperated with this Blogger site. Every now and then - at least once a day - it demands my password and then rejects it as 'incorrect', when it isn't. It also asks me to go through a meaningless process of verifying some squiggly letters, and then still refuses the password. I have found that one way to get round this nonsense is to to create a new Blogger account and reset the [same] password - which it graciously pronounces to be 'strong': so strong, apparently, that it then again immediately refuses to recognise it.

I therefore cannot rely on being able to post comments on my site - or anyone else's. I had to go through this farcical procedure for the umpteenth time just now in order to post my last comment on "Ah Dunno". I have also re-typed and vainly - as yet - tried to post a comment FOUR TIMES on Zola's thread re Toby's holiday.

I am nearly crawling up the walls! Help, you lot - and Blogsite managers please note!


Anonymous said...

Agreed, SantaKant. I have difficulty getting on here at times.
Probably to do with the cookies from the mighty Google.
There are two of us using this computer at the moment and we have to be srupulous in clearing the cookies on a very regular basis.
Similarly, my true name has nearly been outed on a number of occasions because, unless I leave my gmail account, I am logged in here as Mr. Blah Blah.
It is the same privacy issue which causes me to prefer Scroogle to Google.
PS I sometimes post as Anon copz it is easier to get through.

Merkin said...

This same problem with Google necessitating careful attention to cookies is what caused LavvyBloo to send kisses to Duckman last week under MY name.
Oh, the shame of it all.

anticant said...

Cookies? Don't blind me with computerbabble. I thought 'Cookie' was the Windsors' nickname for the Queen Mum...

YellowDuck said...

I quite enjoyed those kisses, Merkin.

Anticant I think a number of blogger users have mentioned similar problems. There can also be a problem if you have the beta version and somebody else still has the old version of blogger. That is what I have gleaned from glancing at other blogger users.

Only thing that I can suggest is to switch to wordpress. I am a technophobe and have had no problems with the Pond. I also get the impression that the free templates are better there.

anticant said...

YD, no snogging in the burrow, PLEASE! Next thing we know Zola will be brandishing his knickers around again.

If I switched to wordpress, would I have to redesign, or relaunch, the burrow? Having just settled in, I'm rather comfy with it as it is.

gingerwaster said...


I had this problem too at the beginning - but it seems to have disappeared now I updated the blogger software.

I think, if there is an automatic removal of cookies in your browser when you switch off, the site doesn't recognize you any more.

But hard to tell - I'm a little computer savvy, but cookie management is a dark area.

zola said...

Gawd : Is it now "How to handle a Cookie"?
What next i ask.