Thursday, 29 March 2007


While on a state visit to England, George W. Bush meets the Queen and proclaims, "As I'm the President of America, I'm thinking of changing how my great country is referred to. It should be called a kingdom."

The Queen replies, "I'm sorry, Mr. Bush, but to be a kingdom, you have to have a king in charge, and you're not a king."

George Bush thinks for a moment and then asks, "How about a principality, then?"

The Queen replies, "Again, to be a principality, you have to be a prince, and you're not a prince, Mr. Bush."

Bush thinks long and hard and comes up with another option. "How about an empire?"

Getting a little annoyed, the Queen replies, "Sorry again, Mr. Bush, but to be an empire you must have an emperor in charge, and you are not an emperor."

Before Bush could utter another word, the Queen offers solace:

"Don't worry, Mr. Bush, under your leadership the USA is perfect as a country."


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the kind of stuff Spitting Image used to do. In one aside, a soldier pointed his gun at someone who yelled, "Don't shoot me! I'm a librarian!"
At which point the soldier shot him, shouting "Well get the hell back to Libraria then!"

trousers said...

Ooops didn't mean to be anonymous.

1loneranger said...

Wicked.... I like.
Now who's was that I wonder?
How are you anti?

zola said...

Anticant is clearly on formthe country needs him.

Emmett said...

'Your is a lovely country under your leadership, Mr Bush -- as a whole....' [Betsy Windsor]

lavenderblue said...

'President' Bush is clearly a (w)hole, as to what sort of hole I decline to put on this site..........

Emmett said...

I Notice in the latest press-photos that Mr Bush is going about nowadays in shirtsleeves and tieless, all part of that chummy and post-modern, /faux/-equalitarian, /deshabaille/ made all the thing by the current crop of 'porno' stars....
His vice-president on 'tother hand, a man so morally vacant that he is Mr Bush's best protection against actual impeachment, goes about in cowboy-boots under his suit-trousers -- that is a circumstance which transcends 'casual' and is, frankly speaking, "just plain out-and-out asshole," as the Americans themselves would put it.
On the other hand, 'twas piquant to behold the BBC-pictures, of the young Royal Naval-types now laid by the heels in Teheran. First of all, 'tis clear that they are keeping well, thus far; whereas the image of a woman of the West actually modestly dressed was positively, well, startling.
I do hope that this mahometan rubbish is set on its arse for good & all by our young airmen and marines, as I do /not/ appreciate religious interference with my saturnian leers & droolling in the public ways!
Oh, well, /la plus ca change.../, as them Frenchies say.


s/Wook, Elderly & Disapprobatory

De.Nimes said...

I think it was Benny Hill, but I am not sure.
'I am a lesbian'
'And what part of Lesbia do you come from?'