Thursday, 8 February 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - 8th February

anticant says "It's snowed overnight. The gardens and rooftops have that winter wonderland look. How long before it's all slippery, slushy and mucky?"

ben trovato says "Oh do cheer up. You've just had two very encouraging hospital reports. Are you never satisfied? Get blogging again, and start planning a holiday. The Beadle is piling up logs for the Snug fire, and I'm opening the bar. We're back in business."

The burrow beadle says "Watch out for that Awkward Squad. Ladies must wear hats, and strictly no knicker-waving. Are you listening, Zola?"


zola said...

Great to see the team back on form. love the witty-twitti-bitties I do.

Today I wear pants to celebrate and respect the eternal return of those rascals in the burrow.
Where are me knickers? On top of me flag pole and flying in public as befits a flag day.

Glad your hospital reports get more positive Anticant. great news again.

Nell said...

Great to see you back! And very good news about the hospital results.

The snow has almost melted here...we're in the slippery, slushy and mucky zone :(

Is that bar open? Mine's a whisky...and I'll drink to Anticant's continuing good health!

trousers said...

I left a comment on the previous thread which would have been better here.

Don't drink all the whisky Nell, I'll have a large one too.

Good to see you Anticant.