Wednesday, 28 February 2007


ben trovato writes:

A judge called in all the legal counsel to explain that he had inadvertently left at home his notes for his summing up of the case in hand.

One of the barristers helpfully suggested, “Fax it up, m'Lud!”

After a moment's hesitation the absent-minded judge replied, “Yes, I suppose it does”.


lavenderblue said...


zola said...

Telefax it ought it to have been ?
The bar was never the same after i left it I am told.
BTW : Anticant did you really mean the pidgeon post or telegraph at best? Can never admit to an anticant being so up to date.
I admit only to typewriter and telex.

anticant said...

As a Snug regular, Zola, you know perfectly well that the burrow has no central heating, electric light, or such newfangled gadgets. One ancient wall telephone where you turn the handle to call the operator, and a catswhisker crystal battery radio are our only concessions to modernity. We still cook on the old Victorian cast-iron range. Our transport is horse and cart.

Who needs to be up to date with ben behind the bar and the beadle keeping all spic and span? The burrow is a precious refuge from the ubiquitous gadgetry of the 21st century.

zola said...

At last Anticant get priorities well in order.
Fuck me that was a long time coming.

the burrow beadle said...

Any more of that language, and I shall escort you off the premises, Mr Zola - minus knickers!

lavenderblue said...

ZoZo tried to fax me the other night, but the flagpole does not get a very good reception....