Tuesday, 27 February 2007

"AH DUNNO!" - 27th February

anticant had a busy weekend, and has a lot of catching up to do - not least on burrow anecdotes. He keeps a wary eye on others' blogs, and posts comments now and then, as well as keeping the arena moving. ben scours the press for burrow nuggets while the beadle keeps the Snug tidy and fends off knicker-wavers [morning, Zola!].

News from Frank Fisher and Toby about a new FF site - the Eclectic Eccentrics. That'll have 'em all rushing for a dictionary! Yet another strand in webland's rich tapestry to check out and contribute to. May all who post on it prosper!



lavenderblue said...

Morning, Anticant!
Yes, 'Mad Frankie Fisher' and 'Honest Tobe' are going for it, as they say, Yellow is a very poorly non-vibrating Duck and ZoZoBear is getting better day by day.
And the Arena is doing splendidly..
much like yourself.....

lavenderblue said...

and where IS everyone today ?